In 2002 Sallaberry started his solo career, and released albums as:

- 2023, Beyond The Air (Single), partially recorded (voices, body percussion and claps) at control room of AIR Montserrat studio, composed in partnership and overdubbed by Marcos Romera, Sandro Haick and Fulvio Oliveira. produced amd mixed by Sallaberry. Mastered by Cassio Centurion (Masterd DX).

-  2021 Sallaberry released his ninth album, ‘Reflections. A Soundtrack From a Movie Never Made’, with special guests as Azeitona Trompete, Abraham Ferreira, Camilo Carrara, Cassio Poletto, Claudio Rocha, Corciolli, David Frederick, Fabio Valois, Flavio Medeiros, Fúlvio Oliveira, Jean Trompete, Jorge Pescara, Luciano Magno, Márcia Sallaberry, Marcos Romera, Marcus Cesar, Maurício Marques, Michel Freidenson, Ricardo Vignini, Samuel Pompeo, Victor Colmenero andVlamir Abbud.

Mixed by Sallaberry and eMastering by Cassio Centurion. Special thanks to Pearl Brasil, Zildjian Brasil, Batera Clube, Contemporanea, HandDry, AIAIAI and Pride Music.


- 2020, Sallaberry & Friends Collection, released by geedes records, Japan - exclusive for Japanese market. 

Sallaberry & Friends Collection is a special compilation of the best Sallaberry´s music, including 18 songs and special guests as Adriano Paternostro, Airto Moreira, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Chico Martins, Chico Willcox, Claudio Rocha, Deisy Araújo, Derico Sciotti, Dney Bitencourt, Doug Felício, Ed Côrtes, Fábio Valois, Flávio Medeiros, Fúlvio Oliveira, Jorge Pescara, Luciano Magno, Luciano Mazzeo, Mamoru Morishita, Marcos Romera, Marcelo Góis, Maurício Marques, Mayra Mello, Michel Freidenson, Pepe Cisneros, Ricardo Ramos, Robertinho Silva, Sandro Haick, and Thiago Espírito Santo.

- 2019, Rhythm Of The Spirits, with special guests as Sandro Haick, Derico Sciotti, Ed Cortes, Marcos Romera, Mayra Mello, Fulvio Oliveira and others.

-2019, Black Box Celebration, 8 CDs boxset.

- 2017, Origem, with special guests as Mamoru Morishita, Sandro Haick, Robertinho Silva, Ed Cortes and others. 

- 2015, Move Out, with special guests as Arismar do Espírito Santo, Fúlvio de Oliveira, Paulo Soveral and others. 

- 2013, Rhythmist, with special guests as Erik Escobar, Michel Freidenson, Michel Leme and others. 

- 2011, New Bossa, with special guests as Bruno Alves, Chico Martins, Itamar Collaço, Jorge Pescara and others. 

-2011, Somestimes Samba, 3 CDs boxset.

- 2009, Sambatuque, with special guests like Sandro Haick, Claudio Celso, Luciano Magno, Derico Sciotti and others. 

- 2007, Samba Soft, with special guests like Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Robertinho Silva, Andreas Kisser and others. 

- 2005, SambaSong & Friends, with special guests as Airto Moreira, CoopDeVille, Edú Martins, Ed Côrtes, Marcos Romera, Maurício Marques and others. 

All CDs were produced and recorded by E-Rec.

Sallaberry said about E-Rec:

I thought about producing a solo work for some time. However, I have always been aware of the complexity involved in producing such a work the way I would like, from choosing musicians with available time to create a repertoire, to the beginning of the production itself. I contacted a few friends back in 2002, inviting them for the CD production, but unfortunately all of them were involved in other works. Noticing that the moment did not seem favorable to start the production, I began recording a few ideas, with the intention of using them in my future CD. A couple months later I ended up with about 30 songs  but just the rhythm parts, as I do not play any other instrument. It was then that it occurred to me to start the recording in a reverse way, from the end to the beginning, which is, contacting some musicians by e-mail, suggesting them to develop the theme from the drums part. I was aware of the hardships ahead of me, since it is not a simple task to make a composition upon a rhythm part. Even then, since they accepted my invitation, I began sending the drum lines via e-mail, in MP3 format, and things began to happen. 

 How did you organize all this? 

Not everything for this album could be done via internet. Many do not yet have a high speed internet connection, so in some cases I used data and audio CDs to send the music information. The way it worked is basically this: after accepting my invitation, a musician would receive an MP3 file with the drums recording. The receiving musician would then develop his idea, returning a fresh MP3 to me, including the drum lines initially sent. The theme would be ready by then for some of the songs which were duos. For other songs, with 4, 5 or 6 different musicians, the process would be the same for every one of them. If some musician did not have access to MP3, the material would be sent in an audio CD. 

This demanded a lot of organization, in order to control all the steps of the process. I set up a spreadsheet with the songs, including deadlines to mail CDs, collect materials, redirect audio to other musicians, and the like. As for mail, for instance, I would ship the CDs on Saturday, so that the controls could be updated in the beginning of the following week. 

Sallaberry recorded his albums with special guest musicians as Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Robertinho Silva, Andreas Kisser, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Derico Sciotti, Michel Freidenson, Sandro Haick, Ed Côrtes, Daniel D’Alcântara, Fernando Moura, Thiago Pinheiro, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Michel Leme, Erik Escobar, Tarcísio Edson César, Beto Di Franco, Marcelo Cotarelli, Pepe Rodriguez, Edu Martins, Maurício Marques, Flávio Sandoval, Chico Willcox, Ivan Paduart, Paulinho Duro, Marcos Romera, Airto Moreira, Maguinho, Rubinho Chacal, Marcinho Eiras, Itamar Collaço, CoopDeVille, Luis Cubano, Álvaro Gonçalves, Bruno Cardozo, Faíska, Renato Nunes, Jorge Pescara, Luciano Magno, and others.

All solo CDs are available at Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon.

Some projects recorded with bands and solo artists: