February 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in which more than 86% of the professionals in the music market claim to have suffered income losses during this paralysis of the music market, according to the survey “Musicians and pandemic”, launched by the Union Brasileira de Compositores and the Higher School of Advertising and Marketing, Conecta + Música & Mercado will bring an event that is based on Swapcard, a French networking platform, and a virtual and personalized fair, aimed at the music market.

Conecta + Música & Mercado is the online meeting developed to unify and support the people who bring music to Latin America: it will offer more than 120 hours of professional development and training sessions for all sectors of music products, technology industries, audio professional and entertainment, music education, among others. “CONECTA+ was very important to music industry, musicians and music lovers as well.I am really honored to be there with some friends as Charles Gavin, Marcelo Castello Branco, Roberto Frejat, Carlinhos Bown, Miguel Freitas and Chico Brown”, explains Sallaberry.

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Drummer contest Play!LiveExperience

In 2020, Sallaberry Music and Batera Clube drum store promoted the fisrt on-line drummer contest - maybe it was the world´s first on-line drummer contest! The Play!LiveExperience contest was huge success, supported by Zildjian cymbals, FSA Cajons, Contemporanea percussion, Pad Gorilla, Evans drumheads, Pearl drums, HandDry antitranspirant gel, Muzer, Musica & Mercado magazine and Anafima.

Neail Peart, Dennis Chambers, Virgil Donati ...and drummer shoes!

In 2004, Sallaberry started partnership with Urbann Boards (Brazilian drummer shoes company), playing with Urbann Boards and contacting and inviting his friends, as Dennis Chambers and Virgil Donati, to play with Urbann Boards as well. In 2011 Sallaberry met Lorne Wheaton - that had been Neil Peart's drum tech since the Vapor Trails tour - at Namm Show and inited Lorne to introduce Urbann Boards to Neail Peart. Neil loved it, and Urbann produced a special Neil Peart´s signature model.

In May 19, 2011, Neil Peart wrote the emil below to Rodrigo ( Urbann Boards Ceo):

Drum magazine ... the first in Latin America!

In 1988 Sallaberry published the first drum magazine (ECO) in Brazil. As a drummer, he contacted great drummers as Tony Willians, Max Roach, Gerry Brown and many others. At the same time Sallaberry produced workhops with Brazilian drummers to promote ECOM magazine. In 1991 Brazil saw a dramatic change when it faced the worst recessions in its history, and Sallaberry stoped publishing ECO.

Falange Rock collection...and new artists!

In 1992 Sallaberry and Artium studios started the Falange Rock project. The first record, vinyl format (including many new bands), was released in June 1993, and it was a huge success! Falange Rock released around 8 records, with 120 new bands!

Praça do Rock ...and live music!

In June 1983 Sallaberry and Dalam Junior (partnership with Jornal do Cambucí) started the Praça do Rock, in Aclimacao public park, in São Paulo. Sallaberry played there with his band Cygnus, and Praça do Rock was a 'open stage' to many Brazilian rock bands for many years.

Workshops ...

In 1993 Sallaberry started international drum workshops in Brazil, with Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Camine Appice, Viny Appice, Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Clayton Cameron, Marty Friedman, Jeff Andrews, Airto Moreira, Nicko McBrain, Frank Gambale, Will Calhoum, Virgil Donati, Rod Morgenstein and many others.

Workshops were supported by by Premier, Sabian, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Mapex, Pearl, Fender, Jackson, Marshall, Odery, and other companies.