Sallaberry Experience App

In March 2020 Sallaberry released in partnership with Muzer, the Sallaberry Experience play-along app.

Free and available at Google Play and App Store, you can download it, mute tracks and play drums...or, bass, keyboard, guitar, trombone and flute!

The songs available in the app were originally recorded by musicians such as Marcos Romera, Michel Freidenson, Sandro Haick, Claudio Rocha, Dney Bitencourt, Chico Willcox, Flávio Medeiros, Deisy Araújo, Marcelo Góis, Mayra Mello and Doug Felício. According to Sallaberry, "the app is totally interactive, attractive and very easy to be used for musical practice, although it does not have the proposal to be used exclusively for educational purposes".

Dowloand it !