Drummer, composer and music producer. During high school, Sallaberry learned to play the flute and a lot about musical theory. In the year of 1978, when he was only seventeen, he started to play the drums. Throughout the years Sallaberry played in several rock and pop bands.

In 1983 Sallaberry, Dalam Junior (bass player) and Jornal do Cambuci (newspaper) promoted the Praça do Rock music festival, in Aclimacao public park, Sao Paulo.

In 1988 Sallaberry published the first Brazilian drum magazine (ECO), including interviews with Tony Willians, Gerry Brown and Max Roach.

In 1990 Sallaberry and Cassio Martin opened the Pro Studio, in Sao Paulo.

In 1993 Sallaberry and Artium Studios promoted the Falange Rock project, recording eight albums with 110 new artists. In the same year Sallaberry released his firt album, with Madame Butterfly band.

In 2000 Sallaberry opened his home studio (Tum Tum Home Music), and in 2005 was released his first solo CD (SambaSong & Friends).

In 2008, Sallaberry released the book Manual Prático de Produção Musical ( Practical Manual of Musical Production ) – a great success among students of music production. Sallaberry worked with musicians like Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Robertinho Silva, Andreas Kisser, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Derico Sciotti, Michel Freidenson, Sandro Haick, Ed Côrtes, Daniel D’Alcântara, Fernando Moura, Thiago Pinheiro, Thiago do Espírito Santo, Michel Leme, Erik Escobar, Tarcísio Edson César, Beto Di Franco, Marcelo Cotarelli, Pepe Rodriguez, Edu Martins, Maurício Marques, Flávio Sandoval, Chico Willcox, Ivan Paduart, Paulinho Duro, Marcos Romera, Airto Moreira, Maguinho, Rubinho Chacal, Marcinho Eiras, Itamar Collaço, CoopDeVille, Luis Cubano, Álvaro Gonçalves, Bruno Cardozo, Faíska, Renato Nunes, Jorge Pescara, Luciano Magno, Mayra Mello, Fernando Molinari, Chico Martins, Claudio Rocha, Flavio Franco Araújo, Marco Bosco, Augusto Mattoso, Flavio Lira and others.

In 2014 Sallaberry moved to the US, where he produces his music at his home studio - Big Orange Studios.

In 2016 Sallaberry released the book Practical Manual of Musical Production - second edition (Manual Prático de Produção Musical) and in the year of 2017, Sallaberry released the app Tudo Sobre Produção Musical (All About Music Production), available at AppStore and Google Play.

In 2020 was release the Sallaberry Experience play-along app, including 5 songs, available free at Google Play and App Store. In the same year, Sallaberry and Batera Clube drum store promoted the first on-line drummer contest - Play! LiveExperience -, and it was a huge success in Brazil. In the same year Sallaberry release two books: Endorsement and Practical Manual of Musical Production - third edition -, both available at Amazon Kindle.

Sallaberry is member of Latin Grammy Academy since 2005 year.

Solo Career - Albums

In 2002, Sallaberry started his solo career, and released the albums listed below:

- 2005, SambaSong & Friends, with special guests as Airto Moreira, CoopDeVille, Edú Martins, Ed Côrtes, Marcos Romera, Maurício Marques and others.

- 2007, Samba Soft, with special guests like Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Robertinho Silva, Andreas Kisser and others.

- 2009, Sambatuque, with special guests like Sandro Haick, Claudio Celso, Luciano Magno, Derico Sciotti and others.

- 2011, New Bossa, with special guests as Bruno Alves, Chico Martins, Itamar Collaço, Jorge Pescara and others. In the same year was release the boxset (2CDs) Sometimes Samba.

- 2013, Rhythmist, with special guests as Erik Escobar, Michel Freidenson, Michel Leme and others.

- 2015, Move Out, with special guests as Arismar do Espírito Santo, Fúlvio de Oliveira, Paulo Soveral and others.

- 2017, Origem, with special guests as Mamoru Morishita, Sandro Haick, Robertinho Silva, Ed Cortes and others.

- 2019, Rhythm Of The Spirits, with special guests as Sandro Haick, Derico Sciotti, Ed Cortes, Marcos Romera, Mayra Mello, Fulvio Oliveira and others. In the same year was release the boxset (8 CDs) Black Box Celebration.

-2020, Sallaberry & Friends Collection, with 28 special guests and 18 songs. It was produced to Japanese market by Sallaberry and Geedes Records (Tokyo).

- 2021, Reflections – A Soundtrack From a Movie Never Made, with special guests as Marcos Romera, Azeitona Trompete, Michel Freidenson, Jean Trompete and others.

Sallaberry´s albums are available at Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and all digital platforms.